Research Achievements

Research Achievements
  • Cost effective ginning for contaminant-free cotton
  • Cotton Heap Making Machine
  • Technology Transfer in Ginning Machines
  • Improvement and quality evaluation of fibres, yarns, fabrics, made-ups and garments
  • Moisture Transport through Fabrics
  • Simple aqueous swelling to improve Strength
  • Qualitative Analysis of Toxic Inorganic Elements
  • CIRCOT’s Calibration Cotton
  • CIRCOT Miniature Spinning System
  • Fabric from Cotton-Angora Rabbit Hair
  • Single Stage Process for Absorbent Cotton
  • Natural Dyes for Cotton and Polyester-Cotton
  • Eco friendly Bioscouring Techniques
  • Natural Dyes from Safflower
  • Dyeing of Cotton with Marigold/ Chrysanthemum Florets
  • Application of zinc oxide nanoparticles for imparting different functional finishes to cotton textiles
  • Application of silver nanoparticles for antimicrobial finishing of cotton textiles
  • Biogas from Willow dust: Dry Fermentation
  • Mushrooms on Cotton Stalks
  • Microbial Method to reduce stickiness
  • Peptone from Cotton Seed meal
  • Paper from Cotton Stalk
  • Particle Boards from Cotton Stalk
  • Hard Boards from Cotton Stalk
  • Cotton Plant Stalk Compacting Machine
  • Greeting Cards from Cotton Linters
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