Training on Quality Evaluation & Spinning Performance of Indian Cottons using Advanced Techniques

Quality assurance in textiles starts with testing and characterization of material in process as well as end products. Characterization  of  textile  materials  play  an  important  role  for maintaining competiveness of textile industry through improved quality of products and for  developing  novel  products  through  research  and  development. Testing  of textile  materials  like  fibre,  yarn  and  fabric  is  an  important  aspect  of  quality  control  of textile  materials  and  products. Other  tests  and  procedures  are also  essential for  evaluation  of  structural  and  functional  aspects  of  textile.   
Training  on  'Quality Evaluation & Spinning performance of Indian Cottons using Advanced Techniques'  includes  a  series  of  lectures  and  demonstrations  of  testing procedures  and  instruments  employed  for  characterizing  textile  materials  for  their physical, structural and functional properties. This training module is designed to provide comprehensive understanding of both basic and advanced knowledge in textile testing and characterization.


  • To impart both theoretical and practical knowledge on textile testing and characterization using advanced instrumentation.
  • Estimation of spinning performance from fibre and yarn quality data
  • To equip the trainees with proficiency in all aspects advanced textile testing methods and their applications in quality evaluation

Course content

  • Fibre quality evaluation using HVI and AFIS and interpretation of results
  • Tensile testing of fibre yarn and fabrics using Instron UTM
  • Evaluation of yarn evenness
  • Evaluation of interfacial tensions of textile materials using goniometry
  • Yarn hairiness and its measurement
  • Electrical resistance of textile materials and its measurement

Facilities available

  • High Volume Instrument
  • Advanced Fibre Information System
  • Tensiometer
  • Goniometer
  • Instron Tensile Testing Machine
  • Uster Evenness Tester
  • Zweigle Yarn Hairiness Tester
  • Electrometer


  • Sep 20 - Sep 22, 2017

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