Training on Electrospinning for Nanofibre Production & Its Applications


About the training programme 

The technique of Electrospinning has evinced more interest and attention in recent years due to its versatility and potential for applications in diverse fields. The notable applications are in tissue engineering, biosensors, filtration, wound dressings, drug delivery, and enzyme immobilization.  The nanoscale fibers are generated by the application of strong electric field on polymer solution or melt. Electrospinning produces nanofibers from conducting polymers. The nonwoven nanofibrous mats produced by this technique mimics extracellular matrix components much closely as compared to the conventional techniques. The sub-micron range spun fibers produced by this process, offer various advantages like high surface area to volume ratio, tunable porosity and the ability to manipulate nanofiber composition in order to get desired properties and function. Several methods exist for the fabrication of nanofibers, such as drawing, template synthesis, phase separation, self-assembly, melt blowing, bi-component spinning and electrospinning. Electrospinning is one of the most preferred processes for production of nanofibers due to its varied advantages like cost effectiveness, zero effluent discharge, adaptability and scalability.

ICAR-CIRCOT is a pioneer institute in the field of nanotechnology with a decade of research experience in formulation of nano materials for variety of applications. The institute has established an electrospinning production facility and has well equipped laboratory for characterization of nano materials. Since there is a lot of scope for research in this area, the need was felt for sensitising the research community about the basics and advances in the field of electrospinning. Hence ICAR-CIRCOT is organising a three day training programme on “Electrospinning for Nanofibre production and its applications” primarily targeting the fundamentals of process, methods of electrospinning, optimisation and characterisation of electrospun materials. This programme will be useful to faculty members, students, research personnel from industry and academics.


  • To acquaint participants about the basics of electrospinning
  • To impart knowledge on preparation and characterisation of electrospun nanofibers
  • To demonstrate the various applications of electrospun nanofibers


  • Basic principles of electrospinning
  • Different configuration of electrospinning system
  • Process optimisation
  • Nanofibre characteristaion techniques
  • Applications of electrospraying on textiles
  • Applications of electrospinning in filtration, sensing in agriculture

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