Training on Spinning of Technical Yarns and Quality Management

Indian spinning industry is one of the biggest in the world with around 50 million spindles & 0.8 million rotors and consumes about 60% of domestic cotton. Our country produces one of the best yarns in the world and contributes to about 25% share in world trade of cotton yarn exports. The widespread use of Bt cotton, availability of long staple fibres, modernisation of ginning machinery and new spinning systems have brought a sea change in the Indian spinning industry. It is very essential for cotton breeders to understand the fibre quality requirements for the modern spinning systems to breed a better cotton with requisite properties. At the same time, the yarn spinners have to understand the basic and advanced aspects of spinning to cope with the changing dynamics of yarn and fabric industry. Realising this need, CIRCOT is conducting a training programme on “Fibre and Yarn Quality Management in Spinning” which focuses on fibre quality, yarn quality, basic and advanced aspects of spinning. This training programme is beneficial to cotton breeders, traders, industry personnel, entrepreneurs, academicians and students.


  • To impart knowledge on cotton fibre quality and its relation to spinning a superior quality yarn
  • To equip the trainees with knowledge on advanced tools for process control and quality control in spinning
  • To acquaint the trainees about new spinning technologies and production of technical and fancy yarns

Course content  

  • Cotton quality requirements for spinning 
  • Ginning and its impact on fibre quality
  • Use of HVI, AFIS and other modern equipments
  • Process control in spinning & Norms
  • Quality management in spinning & Norms
  • Machinery advancements in spinning
  • Ring, Rotor and Friction spinning systems
  • Yarn quality analysis 
  • Technical and fancy yarn production
  • Norms for productivity in spinning

Facilities Available

  • Modern instruments for fibre and yarn testing
  • Micro spinning system for small samples 
  • Complete line from Blowroom to spinning and winding
  • Ring spinning, Compact system, Core spinning, Rotor spinning and Friction spinning


  • Oct 05 - Oct 07, 2017

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