Basic Statistical Techniques for Textile Research

The programme is intended for the researchers in the field of Textiles. Research generates huge volume of data. In order to make research globally competitive, it is essential that sound statistical methodology be adopted for the collection & analysis of the data. With advancement of computing, use of sophisticated statistical technologies have attained greater importance in collection, analysis and interpretation of the scientific data.
Statistical methods are employed by researchers in planning the research, collection & analysis of data and presenting the research findings. Development in statistical application and use of computer have made it possible to examine data under varied perspective. The present training programme will provide the participants an opportunity to learn basic statistical techniques for planning the research and data analysis (using software) that will help them in interpretation of their results more meaningfully with a sense of reliability and confidence.


The objective of this programme is to educate the participants about the fundamentals statistical techniques and give them an exposure to basic and advanced methods/tools of statistical computing useful in the field of Textile Research. Course content

  • Importance of statistics
  • Descriptive and Inferential statistics
  • Basics of Design of experiments
  • Correlation and Regression analysis
  • Test of significance and hypothesis testing
  • Response Surface methodology
  • Advanced statistical tools and statistical software
  • Statistical analysis using excel
  • Ethics in research, Common statistical errors, Use and abuse

Facilities available

Statistical software (Licensed Version):

  • SAS (Statistical Analysis System),
  • MATLAB (Matrix Laboratory),
  • SPSS (Statistical Package for the Social Sciences)


  • Nov 07-10, 2017

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