Instrumental Evaluation of Clothing Comfort

Clothing comfort is an important factor deciding the value of fabrics used for apparel applications. Instrumental evaluation of various aspects of clothing comfort (Fabric Hand)  and thermo-physiological comfort like thermal properties, moisture management properties, transportation of water- vapour and air are becoming popular in industry to add value to products. Hence, a training programme on “Instrumental Evaluation of Clothing Comfort” will benefit both the industries and researchers to design and manufacture apparel fabrics having high aesthetic value and wear comfort. This training programme envisages to impart knowledge on all aspects of fabric comfort. ICAR-CIRCOT is equipped with the entire range of Kawabata Evaluation System for fabric Hand Evaluation (KES-FB), Thermolabo II (KES-FB7) for studying different aspects of thermal comfort and other instrumentation for moisture and air permeability.


  • To acquaint the trainees about various aspects of clothing
  • To impart both theoretical and practical knowledge on evaluation of tactile and thermophyiological comfort of fabrics

Course Content 

  • Objective Evaluation of Fabric Hand Using Kawabata Fabric Evaluation System
  • Evaluation of thermal and moisture transport properties of fabrics
  • Moisture management properties of fabrics and its evaluation
  • Assessment of air permeability of textile materials
  • Wear Comfort and its applications

Facilities available

  • Kawabata Evaluation System for Fabric Hand Evaluation (KES-FB)
  • Thermolabo II (KES-FB7)
  • Moisture Management tester(MMT)
  • KES-FB AP1 Air Permeability Tester


  • May 15 - May 19, 2017
  • Dec 05 - Dec 07, 2017


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