Double Roller Ginning Technology & Cotton Quality Evaluation

Gin setting and maintenance are crucial for getting the optimum productivity, reduction in downtime and contamination free lint production. Gin setting and maintenance is an art which can be learned and perfected through theoretical and practical training imparted by reputed institute like CIRCOT. Moreover, the sudden upsurge in growth and modernization of ginning industry has created a high demand for skilled manpower leading to shortage of well trained technicians and machine operators in the industry. The GTC with its appropriate infrastructure imparts hands on instruction in harvesting, cotton quality evaluation, grading, ginning, and baling, testing, marketing etc.


  • To train the participants on different aspects of cotton ginning, like, pre & post cleaning, material handling, ginning and bale packaging  
  • To transfer the know how about quality evaluation & cotton fibre  including manual and instrumental methods

Course content

  • Introduction: Ginning scenario in India and abroad, a brief outline of the main stages in cotton harvesting, classing and processing.
  • Cotton Production and Marketing: Background information of development of different varieties, fibre growth, grading and marketing.
  • Material Handling Equipments and Structures: Storage of seed cotton, handling of seed cotton, design and construction and working principles of different conveying systems.
  • Pre & Post Cleaning: Importance of Pre & Post Cleaning, working principle and classification of Pre & Post Cleaners.
  • Ginning: Ginning percentage, types of gin machines, comparison of DR, Saw and Rotary Knife Gins, Maintenance schedules and setting of gin machines and effect of gin settings on  fibre parameters.
  • Bale Packaging Machinery: Operation of lint condenser, bale press classification, working of press machine, packaging materials, etc.
  • Fibre Quality Evaluation: Theoretical background, sampling for testing, measurement of length, fineness, maturity and strength, fibre quality index, brief account of fibre quality using HVI and LVI.
  • Gin Management: Brief account of the best management practice for optimal operation of a modern ginnery and management of different ginning operations using the gin management software.
  • Hand-on experience for preparation of staples.
  • Industry Visit: Visit to the Ginning Machinery Manufacturers, Visit to Ginning Factory & Spinning Mills.
  • Cotton by-products: Logistics for supply of cotton stalk, preparation of briquettes, pellets, particle boards, from agro residues.

Duration & date

  • 22-27 May, 2017
  • 19-24 June, 2017
  • 10-15 July, 2017
  • 7-12 Aug., 2017
  • 18-23 Sept., 2017
  • 9-14 Oct., 2017
  • 13-18 Nov., 2017
  • 18-23 Dec, 2017
  • 15-20 Jan., 2018
  • 12-17 Feb., 2018

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