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ICAR-CIRCOT celebrated Communal Harmony Week

Communal Harmony Week was celebrated in the institute from 19th to 25th November.  Director Dr. P. G. Patil, administered the communal harmony oath to the staff of the institute on 19th November 2018.  The Flag Day was observed on 22nd November 2018. A lecture by Mrs Usha Suryavanshi, former Police Officer & Vice President, Fraud and Internal investigation, Western and Eastern India Citi Bank, on “Communal Harmony and National Integration” was arranged on 24th November 2018. In her speech, she elaborated impact of terrorism and intolerance between communities on the National Economy. In this occasion, Director Dr. P. G. Patil, addressed the staff members and emphasized on the need of brotherhood between different communities. 


ICAR-CIRCOT Celebrated “Vigilance Awareness Week”

As per directives received from council regarding observation of “Vigilance Awareness Week”. ICAR-CIRCOT has celebrated “Vigilance Awareness Week” during the period from 29th October, 2018 to 3rd November, 2018. This year the main focus of observing Vigilance Awareness Week was “Eradicate corruption- Build a New India”. On 29th October, 2018 “Integrity Pledge” administered to all the staff members of ICAR-CIRCOT by Dr. Sujata Saxena, Director In-charge, ICAR-CIRCOT, Mumbai. On the last day i.e. 3rd November, 2018 ICAR-CIRCOT, Mumbai organized a talk on “Eradicate corruption- Build a New India” by Mr. Mukesh Prachand, Inspector, C.B.I., A.C.B., Mumbai to all staff members.


Training Programme on “Electrospinning Techniques and their Applications”

In line with the Skill Development initiative of Govt. of India, ICAR-CIRCOT conducted a three days training programme on “Electrospinning Techniques and their Applications” during 29-31st October 2018. This training programme was designed to acquaint participants with the basic and recent advances in electrospinning, electro spraying and characterization of nanofiber web such as functional and morphological properties and to demonstrate the applications of nanofiber in pest management in agro field, sensor for packaging and filtration. Ten participants enrolled for this training programme include, Scientists, Post-doctoral researcher and Research Scholars from IIS Bangalore, IIT Delhi, Anna University Chennai and ICT Mumbai having diversified educational backgrounds like Nanotechnology, Fisheries and Textile Technology. The training includes theory classes, hands-on practical and demonstration. The participants also had the opportunity to visit the Nanocellulose Pilot Plant at Institute and Needleless electrospinning facility at BTRA, Mumbai an outside visit. In the valedictory function, Dr. Sujata Saxena, Director In-charge, ICAR-CIRCOT, Mumbai was chaired the function and distribute the certificates to the participant and  Dr.T.Senthilkumar, Scientist & Course Coordinator congratulated the participants and recommended them to plan for collaborative mode of research in the field of nanofiber production and its application.

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