CRP on Natural Fibres

The Indian council of Agricultural Research (ICAR) has launched an ambitious research system in various fields of agriculture during 12th Five year plan, by introducing the ICAR Agri-Research Consortia Platforms (Agri-CRP) to fortify and encourage the innovative research approach to take up national problems that have been perceived over time. It is proposed as Plan-funded activity and shall be vested with National Agricultural Research System with consortia partnership with all organizations that have interest in partnering towards finding lasting solutions to identified agricultural issues of the country.

CRP on Natural Fibre (CRP- NF) is one of the platform projects approved under Agri-CRP by ICAR. ICAR-Central Institute for Research on Cotton Technology, Mumbai has been entrusted as Nodal Centre for executing CRP-NF project due to its vast experience and significant achievements in the research on natural fibres.

Aim and objectives

The aim of this project is to exploit the available natural fibres and their by-products by using high-end technologies to fuel the growth of fibre sector in India and in turn the farm income as a whole; To identify and isolate newer fibrous raw materials for value addition and thereby provide enhanced income to all the stakeholders in the value chain.

The major objectives are:

  • a) To enhance the indigenous availability of a few commercially viable demand driven natural fibres (Ramie, Flax, Sun hemp and Flax)
  • b) To recover quality fibres from biomass of natural fibre system in an economic scale
  • c) To prepare novel products from natural fibre blends to cater to Apparel, Home textile and Technical textile sectors
  • d) To derive fine chemicals and energy from by-products of natural fibre system
  • e) To assess the environmental impact of production and processing of natural fibres

Core Areas of Research:

  • Enhancing the indigenous availability of Ramie, Flax, Sisal and Sunnhemp
  • High Quality textile grade fibre extraction & processing through innovative mechanical and biochemical routes
  • Novel Blend and Product Development to cater to Apparel, Home and Technical Textiles
  • High Value Compounds and Energy from by-products of Natural Fibre System
  • Assessment of Environmental Impact of Production and Processing of natural fibres.

Expected Output:

  • Increased production of Ramie, Flax, Sisal and Sunnhemp for industrial Use.
  • High productive, energy-efficient, cleaner and environment-friendly fibre Extraction Technologies
  • Protective textiles, functional apparels, Poly house and Weed Control fabrics  
  • Moulded, Laminated/coated products, Carry Bags and Packaging materials
  • High value compounds and energy from natural biomass
  • Environment impact assessment through LCA for jute and cotton

Expected Outcome:

  • Both Horizontal and Vertical Integration of various expertise available in NARS System to augment the research to meet the demand for the Eco-Friendly, Biodegradable Natural Fibres
  • Cleaner and environment friendly Fibre Extraction Processes and their widespread adoption resulting in pollution-free water bodies and better aquatic life
  • State-of-the-art facilities for production of Natural Fibre-Composites and Technical textiles

Extensive utilization of Natural Fibres – Industrial processing, Product development and Value-addition would lead to increase in farm income, generation of Rural Employment, halt to Deforestation, Cleaner environment by reduction in GHG-Emissions

CRP on Natural Fibre in nutshell

Nodal Centre ICAR-Central Institute for Research on Cotton Technology, Mumbai
Core Area 5 Core Areas
No. of Projects 25 Projects
Co-operating Centres (14) 1.GBPUA&T; 2. CSKHPKV; 3. SKUAST; 4. AAU; 5. MPKV, RAHURI; 6. UAS, DHARWAD; 7. ZENEITH RUBBERS; 8. INDIAN PLYWOOD INDUSTRIES R&T INST; 9. IARI; 10. NRC, YAK; 11. TNAU; 12.ANGRAU; 13. CPCRI, Kasargod; 14. DBSKKV Dhapoli.

The projects currently (2015-16) being implemented under the CRP on NF are:

S.No Project Title Lead Centre
01. Utilization of ligno-cellulosic fibre based biomass as renewable energy for rural and industrial application CIRCOT, Mumbai
02. Preparation of Nano lignocellulose and its incorporation in polymer composites for improved performance CIRCOT, Mumbai
03. Eco-friendly method for the preparation of absorbent cotton from non-spinnable cotton CIRCOT, Mumbai
04. Sustainable Green Technology for dyeing of cotton textiles CIRCOT, Mumbai
05. Development of machinery for extraction of fibre from sisal, flax & pineapple NIRJAFT, Kolkata
06. Development of grading system and instruments for jute and allied fibres NIRJAFT, Kolkata
07. Eco-friendly processing of lignocellulosic fibres for the preparation of home textiles NIRJAFT, Kolkata
08. Development of tissue culture technology for invitro fibre initiation CICR, Nagpur
09. Improving Indigenous availability of Ramie for Industrial use AAU, Jorhat
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