KES-FB2 Pure Bending Tester


Rate of bending deformation

Rate of bending deformation: 0.5 cm - 1/sec  ·     

Specimen size    Dimensions: 20 cm × 20 cm (standard)

Working Principle

The KES-FB2- Pure Bending Tester is capable of measuring hardness and recoverability when bending paper, non-woven fabric and film. Measured values are obtained using a power meter with sensitivity matching that of a fingertip, so results are correlated with sensory evaluations. The device provides accurate measurement even for samples with different processing methods, such as surface treatments and flexible processing. The KES-FB2 is a multi-purpose pure bending tester that can be used without having to worry about the type of objects being measured.


Can measure stiffness, suppleness, smoothness and elasticity of paper, hair, non-woven, cloth etc