Former Directors (11)

CIRCOT has had a rich history of exemplary individuals as Directors leading our Institute. Following are their achievements in their tenure. 

Dr. N. B. Patil (May, 1988 to December, 1994)

Dr.Patil joined CIRCOT (CTRL) on August 4, 1969 as Senior Scientific Officer. He was working in ATIRA, Ahmedabad, as a Scientific Officer. He has published number of research papers in Indian and International journals. During his time the name of the Institute changed from Cotton Technological Research Laboratory (CTRL) to Central Institute for Research on Cotton Technology (CIRCOT). Dr.Patil worked as acting director from 1988 till his retirement from service on December 31, 1994.


Dr. V. Sundaram (October, 1966 to 1988)

Dr.Sundaram earned his Ph. D. from the Institute of Science, and joined the Technological Laboratory at Bombay in 1954 as a Junior Research officer.  Within  a short period of 12 years, he rose to the position of the Director of the laboratory (October 1, 1966), During that time,  the  administrative  functions  changed  hands  from ICCC to ICAR. This change was a turning point in the history of the laboratory, as well as in the career of the new director. With the launching of the All India Cotton Improvement Project (AICCIP) on April 1, 1967, the Director was entrusted with the task of Principal Investigator (Technical).


Dr. R.L.N. Iyengar (January 1957 to September 1966)

Dr.Ramaswamy Lakshmi NarasimhaIyengar took over as the Director of the Laboratory from Sri Harirao Navkal in January 1957. He did his M.Sc. (Physics) from the University of Mysore. He had the distinction of being the most brilliant student and was awarded merit scholarships and prizes during his educational career. He joined the technological laboratory as a research scholar on April 1, 1927 and worked under Dr. Turner, the director of the laboratory. Sri Iyengar was sent to Coimbatore  centre  to  conduct  special  studies  on  variations  in  the properties of cotton fibres brought about by different genetic and environmental factor.

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