Former Directors (11)

CIRCOT has had a rich history of exemplary individuals as Directors leading our Institute. Following are their achievements in their tenure. 

Sri Harirao Navakal (Officiating Director, September 1956 to January 1957)

Sri Harirao Navkal did his graduate studies at the Central College, Bangalore, and later took the Master’s degree in Physics with high distinction from the university college of science, Calcutta, after pursuing studies under the guidance of the eminent Indian Physicists, Nobel Laureate Sir C.V.Raman and Prof.Meghnad Saha. Sri Navkal was amongst the first few persons to join the CTRL in 1924 as research scholar. He was appointed as junior research officer in 1925 and as senior physicist in 1929. His designation was changed to senior research officer in 1954. Sri Navkal took charge as officiating director when Dr.Nanjundaiah retired from service in September 1956, and held this post till January, 1957.


Dr. C. Nanjundaiah (March 1951 to September 1956)

Sri.  Chandrasekharaiah Nanjundaiah was born in Mysore. He obtained B.Sc (Hons) in physics and mathematics in 1924 from Bangalore. He worked under Sir C.V. Raman at Calcutta for two years and also obtained a M. Sc. degree. Later on, he secured a Research Scholarship in cotton technology by I.C.C.C at CTRL in Bombay, on March 15, 1928, where he worked for two years with Dr. A.J. Turner. He was appointed Textile Physicist in 1930. Many of his research papers were published in reputed Indian and International journals.


Shri D. L. Sen (October 1945 to March 1951)

Sri Dhires Lobha Sen became director of the laboratory after the retirement of Dr.Nazir Ahmed in 1945. After graduating from the Dacca Government College in 1918, he carried out postgraduate research under the guidance of Sir P.C. Ray at Calcutta. On being awarded a research scholarship at the Institute of Science, Bombay, he obtained the Diploma of Associate ship of the Institute under the guidance of Dr. G.J. Fowler. He obtained an M. Sc. degree from Bombay University in 1921 and was awarded the ‘Moos Medal.’

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