Mechanical Processing Division (MPD)

Mechanical Processing Division (MPD)

“The cotton is grown to be spun. If cotton spins well, obviously it is good, otherwise it is not!”

These iconic words are of Mr. William Lawrence Balls, an eminent researcher, who can aptly be termed as the Father of Cotton Technology. These words also embody the nature and spirit of research work in the Mechanical Processing Division which began operations in 1924 and is the first and the oldest division of CIRCOT. The research and activities of this division have in many ways guided and charted the research direction of the Institute throughout its existence.
The cotton lint received in bale form from gin yards or cotton warehouses need to be subjected to a series of mechanical processing before it is converted into products like yarn / fabric. Mechanical processing of cotton starts with raw bales of cotton and process them in stages until it is converted into yarn or cloth. Mechanical processing Division of CIRCOT is equipped with state of art cotton processing machineries for undertaking research and development on various stages of mechanical processing of cotton. Mechanical Processing Division of CIRCOT also plays a key role in evaluation of spinnability of cotton samples received from breeding programmes under All India Coordinated Research Programme on Cotton (AICRP-cotton) and thereby helping cotton breeding program of the country.
The following are the mandate of Mechanical Processing Division (MPD) at ICAR-CIRCOT

•    To undertake basic and applied research on post-harvest processing, spinning and technical textiles for better utilization of cotton.
•    To extend technological support to breeders for assessment and improvement of spinning behaviour of newly developed strains of Indian cottons.
•    To test and evaluate commercial and research samples of fibres, yarns and fabrics.
•    To offer technical consultancy and undertake contract research with textile industry.
•    To participate in the technology transfer and extension activities of the institute.

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