Accomplishments (MPD)

Towards the end of the 20th century and continuing into this millennium, the division diversified its activities and carried out research work on blends of cotton with various natural and man-made fibres, development of new systems, technical textiles, nonwovens etc.
Major technologies developed are:
•    A Miniature Spinning System consisting of various table-model machines with state-of-the-art technology at about one-fourth the cost of imported one
•    Technology for utilisation of indigenous short fine wool including Angora rabbit hair fibres in blends with cotton.
•    Modified spinning process to produce finer cotton-ramie yarns in commercial cotton spinning system to produce knits
•    Development of newer type of coir-cotton composite yarn and its utilisation for production of rubberised conveyor belting
•    Modified splicer for production of better quality splice joints
•    A novel textile-rubber composite for use in technical textile applications like rubber dam
•    Improved machine for disintegration and defibering of coconut fibre
•    Novel coconut fibre segregator machine
•    A lap preparation machine for micro Spinning of small samples
•    Development of CIRCOT mini-card
•    Development of cotton/PLA, cotton/bamboo viscose blended yarns and fabrics for sports apparel.
•    Indigenous Electrospinning setup for production of Nano fibres.
•    RFL free technology for preparation of rubber composites

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