Half-yearly Institute Research Council meeting organized

The meeting of half-yearly IRC was held under the chairmanship of Dr. P. G. Patil, Director, ICAR-CIRCOT Mumbai on 22nd October 2019. All the HoDs, Scientists and Technical staff attended this meeting. Dr. P. G. Patil in his opening remarks, emphasized the need to initiate projects using the advantages of recent methodologies like artificial intelligence, machine learning etc. in the cotton sector. Also, he mentioned about the status of surplus cotton in India (2019) and hence asked Scientists to come up with proposals to utilize the excess cotton in non-conventional areas by innovative ways. In line with the ICAR’s agenda, Director told to work on the project proposals that are innovative, inclusive, affordable to community, development oriented and disruptive in addition to helping the farming community. During the meeting, progress of the various on-going projects were discussed. This was followed by detailed presentation on the project proposals by all the Scientists of the Institute, for inclusion in the upcoming five year plan (SFC) during 2020-2025. In his closing remarks, Director insisted to conclude every projects with tangible outputs so that the technology developed can benefit all the stakeholders and enhance the income of the farmers. Dr. A.S.M. Raja, Principal Scientist & In-charge, PME welcomed all the Scientists for this half-yearly IRC and vote of thanks was delivered by Dr. N. Vigneshwaran, Principal Scientist & PME nodal officer.


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