Project Monitoring and Evaluation Committee (PMC)

Project Monitoring and Evaluation Committee (PMC) has the following Terms of Reference (TOR):

  • To deliberate on PME Cell reports and decide on institute research priorities across crops/divisions/commodities/livestock, etc. (the scientists would be required to take up projects from the list of priority research problems).
  • To constitute a committee of 2 experts (one internal i.e from the institute and one external) to evaluate the progress of research projects and submit report to PME Cell in a prescribed format.  This exercise need to be done every year.
  • To constitute a committee of  2 experts ( one internal i.e. from the institute and one external) to submit a report in a prescribed proforma technology validation of completed projects.
  • Prepare annual plan and identify scientists for capacity building in PME activities.
  • To approve updating institute database on half yearly basis.

The constitution of the Committee is as follows:

01. Director - Chairman
02. Head, MPD - Member
03. Head, QEID - Member
04. Head, CBPD - Member
05. Head, TTD - Member
06. Chairperson, PME - Member
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