CIRCOT - Bajaj Cotton Precleaner

CIRCOT - Bajaj Cotton Precleaner

Description and salient Technical features

Pre-cleaning is necessary to remove the trash content from the seed cotton so as to improve the ginning performance and lint quality. The removal of trash content reduces wear and tear of ginning parts and machinery. CIRCOT has designed and developed inclined and horizontal pre-cleaners as an import substitute which are presently manufactured by Bajaj Steel Industries Ltd, Nagpur and named as CIRCOT- Bajaj pre-cleaners.

Principle of operation :
Pre-cleaners consist of series of spiked cylinders, grid, inlet, outlet, trash screw conveyor. Rotational motion of a cylinder draws the seed cotton inside and agitates across the grid surfaces and thereafter conveys seed cotton across the cleaning surface containing small openings or slots underneath each cylinder. Then separated trash falls through the grids into the trash chamber.

Salient technical specifications:

Number of cylinders 4 - 6
Width 1200 mm - 1800 mm
Capacity 3500 - 6000 kg/h
Power requirement .98 - 5.59 kW

Performance Results

Cleaning efficiency: 40 - 50%

Cost: 2.5 Lakh

How the new technology will impact the income of the farmers / end users:

It improves the quality of lint and reduces wear and tear of ginning parts & machinery. Due to improved grade of cotton, ginners / traders fetch premium rates, which indirectly benefit the cotton farmers.


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