Portable Gins: Lilliput Gin, CLOY Gin and Hipro-Gin

Portable Gins: Lilliput Gin, CLOY Gin and Hipro-Gin

Description and salient Technical features

These portable ginning machines are useful to breeders, seed companies, traders, marketing agencies and farmers etc. for ginning small seed cotton (kapas) samples for assessing Ginning Percentage and lint obtained can be used for quality evaluation. A chrome leather roller, fixed knife, moving knife and seed grid are the main components that accomplish separation of fibres from the seed.

Power requirements are 0.37, 0.75 and 2.23 kW (single phase), respectively for different models of laboratory gins. Repeated laboratory tests have shown that the pristine quality of the fibre is preserved and no cut seeds are found in the ginned lint. All the machines are provided with safety guards for operator's safety.

Performance Results:

Lilliput Gin: 5 kgseed cotton/ h
CLOY Gin: 12 kg seed cotton/ h
Hipro- Gin: 50 kgseed cotton/ h


Lilliput Gin Rs.20,000
CLOY Gin Rs.30,000
Hipro-Gin Rs.55,000

How the new technology will impact the income of the farmers / end users:

All these machines are strong & sturdy yet handy and portable. These machines are the import substitution.

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