Self-Grooving Rubber Roller

Self-Grooving Rubber Roller

Description and salient Technical features

Self-grooving rubber roller (SGRR) is used as a substitute to leather roller for use in roller gins. Roller is made with nitrile rubber having radial layers of softer rubber compound to form grooves. It comprises of three parts viz. inner hard core, outer ginning body and soft groove area. Rubber roller is formed by inserting rubber discs on the steel shaft and pressed from both the ends and resized as per the requirement of roller gins on a lathe machine.

Effective ginning can be obtained at roller speed of 42 rpm. Lint output with self-grooving rubber roller is about 15-20% higher than the leather roller working at 100 rpm

Improvement in the existing system:

Ginneries are presently using chrome composite leather rollers. The disadvantages with these rollers are lack of consistent output due to faster wear, requirement of periodical grooving is laborious and involves high downtime, chromium contaminated lint and hazardous to workers. Self-Grooving rubber roller for ginning eliminates the periodical grooving as required for leather roller. It eliminates the environmental and health hazard problems of chromium associated with the leather roller.

Performance Results:

Capacity: 15-20% more than leather roller
Working life: Double that of leather roller

Cost: Rs.20,000 per roller

How the new technology will impact the income of the farmers / end users:

Increased and consistent output, long life of roller, avoidance of periodical grooving, reduction in downtime, Eco-friendly roller with no chromium contamination, No health hazards to workers and environmental pollution etc. are some of the advantages of self-grooving rubber roller over the conventional chrome composite leather rollers.

Social/environmental/other benefits:

Environmental and health hazard problems of chromium contamination associated with the leather roller are eliminated.

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