Auto-Grooving Machine

Auto-Grooving Machine

Description and salient Technical features

Auto-grooving machine makes helical grooves on the rollers used in roller gins. It consists of main frame, head stock, tail stock and a cutter assembly mounted on a movable trolley. The rotary motion of the roller, forward motion of the trolley and the rotary motion of the saw blade cutter is synchronized together with suitable drive mechanism.

The roller is mounted horizontally between the chuck and the revolving centre. As the trolley with cutter saw moves forward, the roller rotates in clockwise direction. Synchronization between the forward movement of the trolley and clockwise rotation of the roller is ensured in such a way that the roller makes a rotation of 270° when the saw cutter moves from the head stock end to the tail stock end resulting in formation of a helical groove. Similarly eighteen grooves can be made on the roller.

Improvement in the existing system:

The grooving of the rollers after every 16 to 20 working hours is necessary to increase the rough surface for the lint to adhere to the roller at a faster rate. Conventionally, grooving is done manually with hacksaw, hence the formed grooves are not uniform. It requires an hour to groove roller spirally. This job is very laborious and many a times, the grooving is not done at the right time. Auto-grooving machine avoids the manual operation and drudgery involved in this operation It also ensures the timeliness as well as uniformity in grooving.

Safety: The machine is compact, covered with safety guards and operator friendly

Salient technical specifications:

Cutter blade diameter (mm) 100
Cutter blade thickness (mm) 1.5
Cutter blade speed (rpm) 1400
Trolley size (m x m) 0.66 x 0.35
Power to drive cutter blade (kW) 0.75
Power to drive the roller (kW) 0.75
Weight of machine(kg) 500
Overall size of the machine (m) 2 x0.6x0.7

Performance Results:

Output capacity: 6 rollers / h
Number of grooves per roller : 18
Number of operator : 1 (Semi - skilled)

Cost: Rs.1,50,000 (1.5 Lakh)

How the new technology will impact the income of the farmers / end users:

The auto-grooving machine can effectively replace the existing manual method of grooving and thereby avoid the drudgery involved in this operation and improves the efficiency of grooving operation.

Social/environmental/other benefits:

Drudgery involved in the manual grooving operation is minimized.

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