Software - GINERP

Software - GINERP

Description and salient Technical features

GINERP an "Enterprise and Resource Planning Software" has been developed to assist in management of modern ginneries. Major financial activities in ginneries are purchase of seed cotton, sale of bales, sale of cottonseed, maintenance & repairs, purchase of spares, ginning and pressing charges, labour charges for material handling, salary of employees, loan repayment, taxes, insurance, development activities and miscellaneous expenses etc.

These activities are recorded and accounted properly by this software.

GINERP Modules Available: Weighbridge Integration, Asset Management, Human Resource Management, Maintenance, Bale Management, Bale Labeling, Report Generation etc.

Performance Results:

  • User friendly database software with 'Help' to assist user in operating the application
  • Easy to maintain records and report generation
  • Easy to simulate performance of plant and cost economics

Cost: Rs.2 lakh

How the new technology will impact the income of the farmers / end users:

  • Reports capacity utilization information instantly
  • Controls production losses by scheduling maintenance routines
  • Effectively identifies and tracks bales using barcoding and Radio Frequency Identification Technologies
  • Data export from application reports to desired output file formats like MS office documents, PDF etc
  • Customizable internal/external report formats like Slips, Bills/Invoices etc.


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