CIRCOT Miniature Spinning System

CIRCOT Miniature Spinning System

Description and salient Technical features

CIRCOT Miniature Spinning System has been developed for assessment of spinning quality of small cotton fibre samples and for the preparation of fibre sliver and yarn samples. The system consists of fourtable model microprocessor controlled machines (units) : CIRCOT Miniature Carding Machine, CIRCOT Miniature Draw frame, CIRCOT Miniature Sliver to Yarn Spinner & CIRCOT Rotor OE Spinner.

In each of the machines, inverter drive systems have been employed for easy settings of various processing parameters. Roller and other moving components are supported with ball/needle bearings for smooth and friction free operation. Movement of fibres during processing has been so controlled to enable faster processing of samples and for the production of quality yarn. Pneumatic suction systems have been incorporated in the ring frame, rotor spinner and carding machine and in lickerin zone for collection of broken ends/droppings. Optimised tray for guiding of lap and sliver during feeding to the draw frame and tongue-and-groove type chrome plated calendar rollers with provision for changing the trumpet bore size have been used in the draw frame.

Safety: All the machines are fitted with safety and emergency stop switches. The machines are operator friendly and the entire spinning process can be completed within one hour

Performance Results:

Output capacity: 100 g/h (cotton sample)
Manpower: Two (One skilled and one semi -skilled)
Power requirement: Single phase, 0.6 kW motor (for miniature carding, miniature draw frame) and 1kW (for miniature sliver to yarn spinner)

Cost: Rs.7 lakh per unit for total of Rs.28 lakh for 4 units

How the new technology will impact the income of the farmers / end users:

Fibre samples and their blends weighing as low as 40 g can be processed easily to produce sufficient quantity of yarn for quality evaluation. Highly suitable for optimizing different spinning as well as yarn parameters in bulk spinning process. Eminently suitable for trade, textile mills, research laboratory, educational institutions, training centres and agricultural research stations for assessing spinning quality and potential of small fibre samples. In CIRCOT miniature spinning system, inverter drive systems have been employed for easy settings of various processing parameters. This system is an import substitution. The imported miniature spinning machines commonly used in India are prohibitively costly. The settings of various processing parameters need to be done in the imported machines are through mechanical systems, and as such, are far from exact and need a skilled operator's intervention.

It saves valuable foreign exchange, yet provides an ultra-modern system for cotton quality evaluation in terms of its spinning potential.

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