CIRCOT Calibration Cotton

CIRCOT Calibration Cotton

Description and salient Technical features

CIRCOT is supplying indigenously prepared cotton as reference material to spinning mills, cotton trading houses and various other organisations. Calibration cotton is supplied in a packet containing about 200 g of fibres, uniquely coded and labeled with various important fibre properties like 2.5% span length, uniformity, micronaire, 3.2 mm gauge tenacity etc.

It is expected that the inter packet variability in fibre properties be as low as possible so that the particular lot of reference material serves the need of many users simultaneously. Further, a user may ask for reference cotton with particular length or micronaire or strength value or their combination and as supplier CIRCOT is able to supply it from its available stock with a minimum variation.

Important Highlights of Processing:

  • Basic cotton is normally sourced from market, wherein the best management practices are put in place.
  • Judicious selection of machinery is made from a wide range of various types of cotton opening and cleaning machines available at CIRCOT spinning pilot plants so as to ensure optimum preparation with minimum variation of fibre quality.
  • Provision exists for optimum selection of speeds and settings of opening and cleaning machines as per fibre characteristics.
  • Testing of uniformity is done from collecting samples at various stages and production periods.
  • Calibration cotton produced by CIRCOT is within the quality factor tolerance, signifying homogeneity in preparation and sample integrity as reference material.

Cost: 750 per container of 200g

How the new technology will impact the income of the farmers / end users:

It is an import substitute.

Social/environmental/other benefits:

Indigenous technology at par in quality with international standards. Saves foreign exchange and supply time.

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