Mushrooms on Cotton Stalks

Mushrooms on Cotton Stalks

Description and salient Technical features

The edible mushrooms are delicacy in food and form one of the choicest table dishes. They are rich in protein and an excellent source of vitamins and minerals. Most of the mushrooms have very low starch content and can form an ideal food for diabetic patients. Though, about 2000 species have been reported to be edible, the techniques of artificial cultivation are available only for a dozen of species of which about four are being cultivated on a commercial scale.

These are, Agaricus bisporus (white button mushroom), Volvariella spp. (tropical mushroom or paddy straw mushroom), Lentinus edodes (Japanese mushroom) and Pleurotus spp. (oyster mushroom). The button mushroom requires low temperature and grows on fermented substrates whereas paddy straw mushroom grows on unfermented substrates and at an elevated temperature of 35°C. The Japanese and oyster mushrooms also grow on unfermented materials at temperatures of around 20°C and 30°C respectively. Pleurotus spp. has the ability to grow on both fermented and unfermented materials

Performance Results

Mushroom yields upto 600 g per kg of the material and on supplementation with Bengal gram flour @ 3%, as much as 1000 g of fleshy fruiting bodies can be harvested per kg of cotton stalks.

Cost: 3 lakh (Initial Investment) & Mushroom production per day 25 kg

How the new technology will impact the income of the farmers / end users:

Initial hot water treatment is dispensed with resulted in saving in cost of production.

Social/environmental/other benefits:

Pollution abatement

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