Segregator Machine for Coconut Fibre

Segregator Machine for Coconut Fibre

Description and salient Technical features

The segregator will assort the coconut fibres into different grades, which can be used for development of high value products. It works on the principle of air drag and gravity for quality based segregation of fibres. Opening roller of the machine opens the fibres and throws them into a chamber. A high speed blower sucks the fibre mass through a dumb bell shaped conduit.

The geometry of conduit is so designed that it will suck only light fibres by the air drag force generated due to cyclone inside the chamber. The heavy fibres will remain stationed in the chamber and will be later carried forward by a delivery conveyor. Coconut fibres are clearly distinguished into two grades, fine and coarse. Coarse fibres are subjected to second treatment to obtain medium grade fibres. Segregation trials on the newly developed machine are in progress.

Performance Results

The machine outturn : 50-60 kg/h
Efficiency is one-third of fine fibres produced out of the total bulk processed. Operating cost Rs. 40 - 50/ h.

Cost: Rs.2.5 Lakh

How the new technology will impact the income of the farmers / end users:

Segregated fibres will fetch higher price and give good monetary returns to coconut growers.

Social/environmental/other benefits

Innovative products can be designed and produced for fine segregated fibres which is a value addition. Coconut will be considered as bio industrial crop in technical textile sector which is an emerging sector. Further dust produced due to coconut pith can be reduced which is a health hazard in industry.

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