Stick Removal Machine for Mechanically Picked

Stick Removal Machine for Mechanically Picked

Description and salient Technical features

In India, all the seed cotton is handpicked by human labour mainly women. Hand picking is very tedious, and in order to meet the scarcity of labour and timeliness of operation, efforts are being made on mechanization of cotton harvesting. It is observed that the machine picked seed cotton contains around 15-20% trash content including sticks, burrs etc.

CIRCOT has developed stick removal machine to remove the large sized vegetative trash components from mechanically picked cotton. This machine utilizes centrifugal force of high speed rotating saw cylinders to sling off cotton, the stripping action of round grids extracts the trash from seed cotton. The machine consists of hopper, feeder, kicker cylinder, saw cylinders, doffing brush cylinders, loading brushes, grid bars and deflectors. There was no measurable fibre damage observed during trash removal operations, however, slight improvement in uniformity ratio was observed in cleaned cotton mainly because of removal of short fibres during cleaning operation.

Salient technical specifications:

No. of saw cylinder: 03
Cylinder length and diameter: 600 and 420 mm respectively
Speed of cylinder and doffing brush: 360 and 1080 rpm respectively
No. of doffing brushes: 02
Doffing brush diameters: 398 mm and 314 nun
Power requirement: 3.73 kW and 0.74 kW
Machine size: 1.4 x1.5 x 2.8m

Safety: All the belts and chains are properly covered

Performance Results

Output capacity:  750-800 kg seed cotton / h
Stick removal efficiency: 80-85%
Fine trash removal efficiency: 35-40%
Labour requirement: Two persons

Cost: Rs.3 Lakh

How the new technology will impact the income of the farmers / end users:

The stick machine can be used for removal of sticks, burs, leaves, fine trash content etc. from the machine picked cotton. It improves quality of lint and reduces wear and tear of machine. Due to improved grade of cotton, ginners / traders fetch premium rates which indirectly benefit the cotton farmers.


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