Saw Band Pre-Cleaner for Mechanically Picked Cotton

Saw Band Pre-Cleaner for Mechanically Picked Cotton

Description and salient Technical features

CIRCOT has developed a saw band cleaner to remove fine trash, burrs etc. from mechanically picked seed cotton. A saw cylinder cleaner works on the sling off principle of saw cylinders and scrubbing action of cylinder cleaners was used for cleaning of fine trash particles and a small amount of sticks and burs remained in cotton from machine picked seed cotton.

This machine consists of hopper, feeder, two cylinder cleaners, a saw band cleaner and a reclaimer cylinder. The feeder rollers receive cotton from the hopper and deliver it to cylinder cleaning stage of the machine where from the seed cotton is kicked to saw band-cleaning stage. In the saw band cleaning stage, the saw band cylinder is used to clean the seed cotton with the help of combing and centrifugal actions of its cylinders. Finally, the seed cotton is fed to reclaiming stage of machine and trash is collected in trash chamber.

Salient technical specifications:

Spike cylinder Diameter: 270 mm
Spike cylinder speed: 670 rpm
Saw cylinders diameter: 435 mm and 215 mm
Saw cylinders speed: 430 rpm and 360 rpm
Doffing brushes diameter & speed: 314 mm, 1400 rpm
Cylinder length: 900 mm
Power requirement: 3.73 kW and 0.74 kW for feed roller
Machine size: 1.4 x 1.5 x 2.7 m

Safety: All the belts and chains are properly covered

Performance Results

Output capacity:  800-850 kg seed cotton / h
Stick removal efficiency: 18-20%
Fine trash removal efficiency: 25-30%
Labour requirement: Two persons

Cost: Rs.3.5 Lakh

How the new technology will impact the income of the farmers / end users:

The saw band cleaner can be used for removal of fine trash and a small amount of burs and sticks remained in the machine picked cotton after cleaning by stick machine. It improves quality of lint and reduces wear and tear of machine. Due to improved grade of cotton, ginners / traders fetch premium rates which indirectly benefit the cotton farmers.


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