Absorbent Cotton Technology, CIRCOT, Mumbai

About the training programme

Cotton, the king of natural fibres is the major raw material for the textile industry. As much as 94% of the total cotton fibre consumed is used by the spinning sector for making yarns. However, a significant quantity of cotton, about 6% is also utilized for technical applications, such as for the manufacture of “absorbent cotton”. Absorbent cotton (popularly known as cotton wool or surgical cotton), is a medical product used to absorb body fluids. Apart from medical applications, absorbent cotton is also used in various non-medical applications especially beauty and personal care sector with products like wiping pads, ear buds etc. The demand for absorbent cotton is on the rise with increase in population and boom in the healthcare and cosmetic sectors. There is a good market potential both in the domestic as well as in the export market. India, being the largest producer of cotton in the world with a vibrant textile industry has abundant supply of the raw material for the preparation of absorbent cotton and can be a prominent producer of this important product in the world. This training programme on Absorbent Cotton Technology has been designed by CIRCOT for the benefit of personnel from industry, entrepreneurs as well as researchers to help them in understanding various processes involved in the production of absorbent cotton and testing methods for checking the product quality as per Pharmacopeia norms.


  • To acquaint the trainees about basic and advanced chemical and mechanical processes involved in the production of absorbent cotton
  • To apprise the trainees about the market potential of absorbent cotton
  • To introduce the trainees to various testing methods for absorbent cotton

Course content

  • Chemistry and preparatory process of cotton fibre for absorbent cotton
  • Eco- friendly preparatory processes for absorbent cotton
  • Mechanical processing for preparation of absorbent cotton
  • Environmental issues in the absorbent cotton industry
  • Demonstrations on absorbent cotton preparation and testing

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