Accomplishments (CBPD)

The following are some of the accomplishments and achievements of the Chemical & Biochemical Processing Division (CBPD):

  • Natural Dyes for finishing of cotton and blended textiles
  • Nanofinishing of cotton textiles for antibacterial and UV-absorbing properties
  • Super hydrophobic finishing of cotton textiles by nanomaterials and Plasma treatment
  • Energy-efficient nanocellulose production technology
  • Atmospheric pressure plasmatreatment system for cotton finishing
  • Enzyme & Microbial Technology for by-product utilization
  • Absorbent cotton technology
  • Cellulose powder & Microcrystalline cellulose production technology
  • Paperand Particle Board preparation technology
  • Goyssypolremoval by microbial process
  • Electro- Spinning/Spraying for finishing of cotton textiles