ICAR-CIRCOT has been granted accreditation for its Quality Management System as per IS/ISO 9001:2015  from Bureau of Indian Standards (BIS) with the following Scope for three years with effect from 20th September 2017:

  • Research and development of post – harvest technologies and machinery for better utilization of cotton, other textile fibres and their by-products ,
  • Quality evaluation and improvement of Indian cottons and their value added products,
  • Technology transfer, Agri-business incubation training and consultancy in the field of cotton technology

The ISO implementation of the institute is managed by two committees i.e. ISO Management Committee & Steering Committee comprising following members

Constitution of the Management Committee (MC) is as follows:

S. No Name Designation Portfolio
1 Dr.P.G. Patil Director Chairman
2 Dr(Mrs) Sujata Saxena I/C Head, CBPD Member
3 Dr.P.K. Mandhyan I/C Head, QEID Member
4 Dr. A.K. Bharimalla I/C Head , TTD Member
5 Er. V.G.Arude RFD Nodal Officer Member
6 Mr. Sunil Kumar Senior Administrative Officer Member
7 Mr.S.V. Kasabe Asst. Finance and Accounts Officer Member
8 Dr.A.S.M. Raja Pr. Scientist, CBPD Member
9 Mr. A. Arputharaj Scientist , QEID Deputy MR & Member-Secretary

The Management Committee shall be supported by the Quality Management Team (QMT) comprising of Nodal Officers from each Division / Section as follows:

S. No. Name of Officer Designation Division/Section
1 Dr. Krishna Prasad Scientist MPD
2 Mr. R.K. Jadhav ACTO MPD
3 Mr. B.R. Pawar ACTO QEID
4 Dr. N. Vigneshwaran Senior Scientist Education/CBPD
5 Dr. R.D. Nagarkar ACTO CBPD
6 Dr. P.S. Deshmukh  Senior Scientist TTD
7 Dr.C. Sundaramoorthy  Senior Scientist TTD
8 Dr. M.V. Vivekanandan ACTO AKMU
9 Mrs. P.R. Mhatre Sr. Technical Officer TTD (Library)
10 Mr. K. Narayanan Sr. Technical Officer TTD (PME)
11 Mrs. P.S. Nirhali ACTO TTD (Test House)
12 Mr. Venugopal ACTO TTD (Engineering)
13 Mr. P.N. Sahane ACTO TTD (Engineering)
14 Mr. S.V. Kokane ACTO TTD (Security & Housekeeping)
15 Ms. Sujatha Koshy Admn. Officer Admn. II
16 Mrs.T.P. Mokal Asst. Admn. Officer Admn. I
17 Mr. Yogesh Pathare Asst. Admn. Officer Admin IV, V
18 Mr. R.K. Pallewad Asst. Admn. Officer Admin III
19 Mrs.S.R. Shirsat Assistant Admn. I

The Steering Committee for Implementation of ISO 9001:2015 for CIRCOT shall comprise of the Management Representative, the Secretary and all the 20 Nodal Officers of the Quality Management Team.

ICAR- CIRCOT is committed to undertake basic and strategic research on quality assessment, processing and development of value added products from cotton and its agro-residues. The institute is committed to skill development and business incubation services in its mandated areas and functions as referral laboratory for cotton fibres. The Institute strives for the satisfaction of its stakeholders through

  • Undertaking innovative research projects and provide business incubation facilities
  • Technology commercialisation, training and testing services
  • Continual improvement of systems and processes.

ICAR- CIRCOT is an accredited laboratory under ISO 17025:2005 by National Accreditation Board for Testing and Calibration Laboratories (NABL) for the period of two years from 02 March 2018 to 1st March 2020 for both Mechanical and Chemical field with the following scope.

Sr.No. Group of products, materials or items tested Specific tests or types of tests performed Specification, standard (method) or technique used Range of testing/ Limit of detection
1 Fibres Trash content of cotton (Gravimetric trash analysis) IS4871-1968, RA 2004 0.2%-30%
    Length,  length uniformity, Micronaire and Tenacity of Cotton fibres (HVI testing) ASTM D 5867: 2012 2.5% span length /UHML length: =14mm to 40 mm
UR: 40 %  to  60 %
Mic: 2units to 8 Units,
Tenacity : ICC 15g/t to 50g/t
2 Yarn Twist in yarn (TPI) IS 832: 1985, RA 2010, Amd I &II 2 TPI to 60TPI
    Linear density of yarn (count) IS 1315 : 1977, Amd 1, RA2010 2s to 160s Ne
    Lea strength parameters of yarn IS 1671 : 1977, RA 2004 10kg to 50 kg
    Unevenness of textile strand ASTM : D 1425 : 2009 U %: 5 to 30.0
    Imperfections per unit length in yarn (per Km) CIRCOT YT 1 Year of Validation 2013 Thin places 0 to 5000
Thick Places 0 to 5000
Neps 0-5000
3 Fabric Threads per unit length in woven fabrics IS 1963 : 1998, RA 2004 (10 to 150) per 25 mm (per inch)
    Weight per square metre/linear metre of fabrics IS 1964 : RA2006
ASTM-D3776-96 Rev 2013
(30g to 1kg) per Sq.meter
10g to 250gper Sq.meter
    Linear density of threads removed from fabrics IS 3442 : 1980, amd I, RA 2004 2s to 160s Ne
    Twist of yarns (TPI) removed from fabrics IS 832 : 1985, amd I &II, RA 2010 2 TPI to 60 TPI
    Breaking Strength (Raveled Strip) IS 1969 : 1985, Amd I, RA 2006 Strength – 2kg -2800 kg
    Dimensional Changes (Other than wool) IS 2977 : 1989, Amd I, RA 2005 -0.25% to 25%
    Length and Width of materials IS1954:1990 Rev.2002 10cm to 500cm


Sr.No. Product/ Material of Test Specific Tests performed Test method Standard Range of testing / Limits of detection
1 Fibres/ Yarns/ Fabrics (Textile) Identification of textile fibres (Microscopic method) IS 667:1981, RA 2008 NA
    Quantitative chemical analysis of mixture of polyester fibers with cotton or regenerated cellulose. IS-3416(Part I):1988, RA 2008 0.5 to 100 (%)
    Determination of scouring loss in grey and finished cotton textile material. IS-1383:1977, RA 2004 0.2 to 50(%)
    Determination of pH value of aqueous extracts of textile materials. IS-1390:1983, RA 2004 1 to 14
    Determination of colour fastness of textile materials to Artificial Light (Xenon Lamp) AATCC Test Method 16-3-2012
IS 2454:1985 (RA:2006)
Grade 1 to 5
Grade 1 to 8
    Determination of Colour Fastness of Textile Materials to washing IS/ISO 105C10:2006 Grade 1 to 5
    Determination of Colour Fastness of Textile Materials to Perspiration IS 971-1983(RA:2005) Grade 1 to 5