Author: AKMU

Techno-economic Study of Cotton Bale Presses for Selection of Appropriate Bale Press by the Ginners

  • Energy consumption for the down packing presses are 2.25, 1.75 and 1.5 units/bale for capacity of 8, 15 and 25 bales/h respectively
  • Energy consumption for Up packing bale presses: 1.0 and 0.9 units/bale with capacity of 15 and 25 bales/h respectively
  • 40 percent lower energy is required for the Up packing press than down packing type of press
  • 15 percent reduction in energy consumption was observed for bale presses with capacity of  25 bales/h as compared to 15 bales/h

Up packing type of presses were found to be the cost-effective by about 10 percent as compared to the down packing types

Pollution Abatement System for DR Gin

  • Automatic lint doffing system and enclosure suitable for the DR gin developed
  • System comprises of doffing mechanism, take up unit and driving mechanism
  • Arrest about 80 % of the fine particulate material that emanates from DR Gin
  • Reduce the risk of health hazards to the workers

Process Protocol for Ginning of Machine Picked Cotton

  • Cleaning machines required and their sequence of operations were optimized based on trash content and fibre quality attributes in the cleaned cotton.
  • The machine comprises of cylinder cleaner, stripper cleaner, 3-stage stick machine and impact cleaner connected in line through a pneumatic conveying system
  • Trash content in machine picked cotton reduced to acceptable level of 4-5% from initial trash content of 12-14%.

Self-Grooving Rubber Roller for DR Gin

  • A Self-grooving rubber roller, an alternate for chrome composite leather roller in DR Gin
  • Eco-friendly: Prevents chromium contamination in lint and health hazard to workers
  • Three times more durable than conventional leather roller
  • Licensed to M/s. Millenium Rubber Technologies, Kerala

Revised Dates for Walk in Interview for the Posts of Senior Research Fellow (SRF), Young Professionals (YP-II) and Office Assistant

Please note that Walk in Interview for the Posts of Senior Research Fellow (SRF), Young Professionals (YP-II) and Office Assistant are again rescheduled. Revised dates are given below:

Senior Research Fellow (SRF) is rescheduled to 09-06-2020

Young Professionals (YP-II) is rescheduled to 08-06-2020

Office Assistant rescheduled for 09-06-2020

Innovative Cotton Rich Blends and Finishes for Improved Functionality

  • T-Shirt with blends of cotton and bamboo viscose was made with multi-functional properties of smoothness, softness, antimicrobial and UV protection.
  • Cotton/PLA fabrics of 65:35 proportion developed for application as sportswear fabrics with improved Overall Moisture Management Capacity (OMMC).
  • Cotton-rich three component blend (Cotton, Viscose & PLA) fabric developed with Enhanced feel and Thermal Comfort.
  • A Start-up has been established: M/s. Greyy, Navi Mumbai