Calibration Cotton Standards

In order to eliminate or minimize to the extent possible the uncertainties arising from the status of instrument used, testing atmospheric condition and efficiency of performer, a Certified Reference Material (CRM) / Standard Reference Material (SRM) is used.  In case of cotton, certified reference material is known as calibration cotton.

Main source of calibration cotton needed for calibrating HVIs utilised for the textile testing laboratories in India has been the International Calibration Cotton supplied by the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA). USDA calibration cottons are very costly and involves foreign exchange. That apart it involves time also. Over and above since June 1999, USDA has stopped supply of ICC Mode of calibration cotton. Though other countries have switched over to HVI mode, most of the laboratories in our country and some African countries are following ICC Mode. To alleviate the problems faced by Indian laboratories on account of stoppage of supply of ICC Mode calibration cotton by USDA, Central Institute for Research on Cotton Technology (CIRCOT) has taken upon the responsibility of producing this standard reference material (SRM) needed by the Indian Textile Industry and laboratories. Since 1997, Institute is producing calibration cotton and supplying to mills, research institutes and testing instrument manufacturers’ in India.   It is pertinent to add here that CIRCOT is second institute, first being USDA in the world to prepare Calibration Cottons for textile testing.

Salient Features of CIRCOT Calibration Cottons

  • CIRCOT calibration cottons can be used for both modes ICC mode and HVI mode
  • Calibration cottons are prepared with utmost care and values are assigned in the most scientific way by using internationally accepted procedures.
  • CIRCOT calibration cotton standards possess quality characteristics in conformity with those of USDA Calibration Cottons

Currently, Calibration Cotton Testing on HVI set consists of 3 samples for ICC and HVI modes.

  • Individual samples weighing 200g is priced Rs 750/- (all inclusive)
  • A rebate of Rs 125/- per sampleis offered for the purchase of four or more (same or different cottons) samples at a time.
  • Price of the calibration cotton should be paid in advance by crossed demand draft payable in Mumbai drawn in favor of Director, CIRCOT, Mumbai.
  • The samples will be dispatched by Registered Parcel Post.

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