Composting Demonstration at Sirsa in Feb, 2015

An Awareness-cum-Demonstration programme for the preparation of bio-enriched compost from cotton plant residues was organised at Farmer’s field at village Shahpur Begu in Sirsa District of Haryana State on 21.02.2015. In all, 48 invited farmers from nearby districts of Haryana and Rajasthan participated in the programme.

The methodology of compost preparation, its nutritional and other technical aspects were explained to them by Dr. V. Mageshwaran and Dr. Hamid Hasan. The application of compost to cotton crop, its beneficial impact on soil health improvement and its utility how it could help in containing pests and diseases were explained by Dr. Dilip Monga, Head; and Dr. Rishi Kumar, Principal Scientist, CICR Regional Station Sirsa. The farmers were given a hands-on practical demonstration of compost preparation at large scale by Dr. Hamid Hasan. All the farmers have shown very keen interest in demonstration and have decided to prepare compost on cooperative basis in the region. Shri Rajaram Kadvasra, a progressive farmer and secretary of Kisan Club, Sirsa who prepared and used this compost last year also shared his experiences with farmers.