ICAR-CIRCOT’s awareness campaign on ‘Balanced Use of Fertilizers’: 3rd campaign in line with DARE-ICAR commemorative celebration of India@75

ICAR- Central Institute for Research on Cotton Technology, Mumbai conducted Farmers’ awareness campaign on ‘Balanced Use of Fertilizers’ on Friday, 18th June 2021 on virtual mode.

This campaign is 3rd in the series of ICAR-CIRCOT mass media campaigns for India@75 program of DARE-ICAR commemorative celebration of India’s 75th year of independence under Government of India program ‘भारत का अमृत महोत्सव’.   

The program began with ICAR song. Dr. Sujata Saxena, Director (Acting), ICAR-CIRCOT welcomed all the delegates, farmer community, scientists, media persons, agri-startups, industry representatives etc. participated on and offline in this program. In her inaugural speech she said that caring soil is extremely important for sustaining healthy life on earth which requires balanced use of fertilizers. Different macro and micronutrient deficiencies of soil must be taken care of like we human being take care of our body to stay fit. The conventional over application of fertilizers makes our soil imbalanced and excessive leaching leads to pollution. Hence the nanofertilizers and nano formulated micronutrients can be better in managing soil fertility, simultaneously reducing discharge of chemical fertilizers and save the environment. With the past successful R & D in nanotechnology applications in textiles, Nano cellulose and nano ZnO production, ICAR-CIRCOT is set for yet another endeavor into Nano fertilizer synthesis ie. Nano sulphur production and its application for better crop productivity. 

On this occasion, a presentation on ICAR-CIRCOT Initiatives on Nanofertilizers: Prospects & Future Challenges was delivered by Dr. A. K. Bharimalla, Senior Scientist and Dr. Manoj Mahavar, Scientist which was followed by Q & A session. 

Dr. A. K. Bharimalla presented consequences of over use of conventional fertilizers in terms of ill effect on crop productivity and environmental pollution and also briefed how nanotechnology will bring balanced use of fertilizer in future. Dr. Manoj Mahavar in his presentation elaborated the need of Nano fertilizers in present situation of scarcity of arable land. He briefed about synthesis & application & efficacy of Nano fertilizers highlighting his on-going project work on Nano sulphur and also brought attention to ICAR-CIRCOT’s R & D on nanotechnology applications.  

Entire program was conducted in Hindi and both the speakers fluently delivered this research topic in Hindi language which was well received by the farmers who had joined this virtual campaign from Sirsa and Nagpur regional centres. Around 30 farmers participated in this campaign. Overall, more than 100 people joined this campaign which also included agri- researchers from NARS, faculties & students, incubates, start-ups and journalists.

The program was live streamed on YouTube for larger public accessibility.