Multi-axial Electrospinning Set-up for producing Nano Fibre Mat

  • The machine has been designed and developed to produce uniform nano fibre mat.
  • The machine has many advantages like being automatic, multi-axial (4 Phase), arrangements with different nozzle geometry, angle change and automated linear motion stages and multiple parallel needles to increase the production by enhancing the electrical field distribution and even solution feeding to all the needles.
  • Multi directional fibre feeding (N, E, S, and W) will give multilayer effect and it enhances the physical properties of the mat.
  • Due to linear movement of the syringe, it is possible to produce even fibre mat up to the size of 50 cm x 50 cm; angular movement will be helpful for vertical and horizontal nozzle geometry, fibre feeding and binding effect.
  • This electrospun fibre mat can be used as the matrix for the development of nano sensors.