National Laboratory for Advanced Material Characterization at ICAR-CIRCOT Mumbai

ICAR-CIRCOT, Mumbai has  established  a  “National  Laboratory  for  Advanced Material  Characterization (NLAMC) ”with  the  financial  support  from  ICAR-National Agricultural Innovation Fund (NAIF), ICAR-Scheduled Caste Sub Plan (SCSP) and Rashtriya Krishi   Vikas   Yojana –Renumerative   Approaches   for   Agriculture   and   Allied   Sectors Rejuvenation  (RKVY-RAFTAAR)  Scheme,  Ministry  of  Agriculture  and  Farmers  Welfare (MoA&FW) New Delhi. This specific laboratory is proud enhancement to the facilities offered by ICAR-CIRCOT.  To support research, testing and incubation needs of start-ups, students, researchers,   entrepreneurs   and   industries,   the   laboratory   is adequately equipped   with sophisticated instruments.

  • X-ray Diffractometer: It is widely used for the identification of unknown crystalline materials.
  • X-ray fluorescence spectrometer: It is applied for relatively non-destructive elemental and chemical analysis of different materials.
  • Weather-O-meter: It brings together all weather parameters and checks its impact on textiles and polymers for light fastness & durability properties.
  • Automatic single yarn tensile strength tester: It tests tensile strength & elongation, compression strength, and tearing strength of fabrics.
  • Particle size analyser: It determines the size of submicron and nano particles such as nano-cellulose, nano-silver, nano-zinc oxide, nano-sulphur, etc.
  • Goniometer: It analyses the wetting properties of a surface and records the interfacial tension, contact angle, surface energy of different materials.
  • Polarized light microscope: It can be utilized for both quantitative and qualitative studies of wide range of anisotropic specimens like natural and textile fibres and polymers.
  • Raman  spectrophotometer: It is  used  in  the  qualitative  and  quantitative  analysis  of substances in trace amounts on different matrices such as cloth, security paper, fiber etc., without extensive sample preparation in a non-destructive manner. With an ardent commitment to evolve with the times, the “National Laboratory for Advanced Material Characterization” is ready to meet all intricate research demands with clockwork precision and seamless quality.