Plasma Technology for Hydrophobic Finishing of Cellulosic Textiles

  • Atmospheric pressure plasma is used for surface modification of natural and synthetic textiles in dry state to develop various value added textile products.
  • An atmospheric pressure plasma reactor was fabricated indigenously with and without cooling system with advanced plasma characterization equipment. The size of the reactor body is 24×14×18 cm.
  • The plasma is generated using high voltage (2-15 kV) and high frequency (10-25 kHz) AC supply. Two mass flow controllers have been attached with the plasma reactor for precise control over the gas flow.
  • Atmospheric pressure cold plasma was generated in the above reactors in the presence of helium (He), He+air, He+nitrogen, He+oxygen, and He+ fluorocarbon gases.
  • Plasma generated was utilized for improving hydrophilic properties of various natural as well as synthetic textiles and was able to produce good degree of hydrophobicity in cotton textiles.