Training on Value Addition to Cottonseed

About the Training Programme Course

Cotton being the major textile fibre in India, is an important cash crop. We are now the largest cotton producer in the world. Fibres however constitute only one third of the weight of the harvested seed cotton and the remaining two third is constituted by the seed. At current production levels, about 11 milion tonnes cottonseed is produced in our country. Cottonseed contains some very short fibres known as linters and is rich in oil and protein. It therefore is a valuable resource but its potential has not yet been fully realized. Linters, like cotton fibres are a very pure source of cellulose and have numerous applications in preparation of high value cellulose derivatives, regenerated cellulose fibres and high quality pulp and paper. But most of the cottonseed is currently being crushed directly without removing linters and hulls which reduces oil recovery and also prevents usage of resulting meal for high end applications such as poultry and fish feed due to high content of fibres and low protein content. Scientific processing of cottonseed results in realization of full value of cottonseed and results in almost complete recovery of oil and other valuable products such as linters, hulls and de-oiled high protein cottonseed meal. The products thus obtained can be further value added to get higher economic benefit. This training programme aims to create awareness among the participants about the benefits of scientific processing of cottonseed and various technologies developed at CIRCOT for value addition of various products obtained from cottonseed


  • To impart knowledge about scientific processing of cottonseed and its benefits
  • To teach the technologies for value addition to cottonseed
  • To impart skill on various analytical methods for analysis of cottonseed

Course Content  

  • Scientific processing and value addition to cottonseed
  • Prospects of cottonseed oil
  • Value addition to cottonseed by fermentation technology
  • Diversified uses of cotton linters
  • Value added products from linters- nanocellulose, pulp and paper
  • Utilization of cottonseed for feed and food purposes
  • Demonstrations and hands-on training on cottonseed and meal analysis

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